Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Artworks By Scott Tucker back Online!

We apologize for the lack of updates this past year. We have been so busy with art projects this past year we haven't had time to keep up with ourselves much less our webpage.  2013 was a busy year with a huge amount of projects coming through our doors. We traveled quite regularly for our clients and did a multitude of projects including several faux finish projects all around Texas, murals in Colorado, art shows at Blow-Up Gallery Dallas and a giant bronze sculpture of Chief Joseph of the Wallowa Tribe. It was an awesome year to say the least and here are a few of the highlights...

                                      (Scott Sr. with Chief Joseph in clay before the casting)


Several Murals around Texas and Colorado

One of several faux finish jobs completed also around Texas


Blow-Up Gallery with artists Roberto Mungia, Megan Van Groll and Alex Remington

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and wife at Blow-Up Gallery


Just a few snapshots from last year. Enjoy!
-Artworks By Scott Tucker

Monday, July 30, 2012

Keeping Up With The Times!

Artworks has been so busy on projects this past year it seems we've done a bad job keeping our blog current and pretty! So here is the rundown of the past 6 months. After the Phantograms Art Opening last December we started producing and selling custom commissioned Phantograms for a few select patrons. After that venture we were caught in the middle of a springtime family move to a great new house with a wonderful pool. In between heat stroke and a massive project in Kerrville Texas, we spent most our time floating blissfully in the backyard oasis. Speaking of Kerrville Texas, we had a blast over the past 3 months making this particular client's house a magically wonderful and eclectic place. We worked for a family of seasoned world travelers with the most interesting tastes in objects from everywhere in the world filling their home. Our murals and faux finishes added just the right amount of ambiance to make their dwelling both cozy and stylish. From the experience living at the client’s house while we worked, we were able to channel creativity and new ideas for the project every night over a few glasses of wine and a clear starry Texas sky. Watching the 50+ acres of land from the patio helped too! The winds of change and travel are blowing in the Tucker family. Scott Tucker Sr. is currently working on an architectural project designing a 50 million dollar building that has yet to be announced to the public. In the past few months he has travelled to New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Austin, Texas to visit various architectural wonders for inspiration on the project. On top of that he has also revisited his early roots of creating bronze sculptures. In this process he almost burned his studio down! It's been awhile since he's worked with wax, what can he do? Melissa Tucker has been busy training her new cat, Dr. Strange. Believe it or not, it's taken this long to train a cat to Tucker expectations. Michelle Tucker has been busy putting the new house in order and keeping up with the family's hectic schedule. Scott Tucker Jr. just showed two paintings at a 500X Gallery opening and has just started recording his bands next album with a Grammy winning producer. So needless to say, things have been wild and it looks like Boston is the next stop for us. Within the next two weeks we will be flying out to bid a massive project in Boston that will most likely fill our entire fall schedule. That being said give us a call before we take off and we can all catch up over cocktails before our depature. From the Tucker family we just want to wish everyone splendid times during the enjoyable dog days of summer. Have a mojito at the Rough Creek Lodge and cool yourself down!
-The Tuckers

Scott Sr. at Rockefeller Center, New York City

The Artist sketching projects

Scott Tucker Sr's Newest Sculpture

Picture of faux finished living room and ceiling, Kerrville, Texas

Scott Sr. on a lift painting a sky mural, Kerrville, Texas

Finished mural and faux finished walls, Kerrville, Texas

Specialized bronze and copper finish with faux stone, Kerrville, Texas

Dining Room walls and Ceiling, Kerrville, Texas

Finished Dining Room Art Mural #1

Finished Dining Room Art Mural #2

Faux Finished walls and Murals

Tarnished Silver Faux Finish

Scott Tucker Jr's tarnished silver cabniet finish, Kerrville, Texas

 Scott Tucker Jr's paintings at June 500X Gallery Opening

Scott Tucker Jr's must have travel accessories

Melissa's new cat, Dr. Strange

Monday, February 13, 2012

Recently Commisioned Phantograms Of Mozart and Wall Street

Special thanks to the Blackburn family for a fabulous dinner last night and for being true patrons of the arts. Here are a couple snapshots of two custom phantogram paintings we rendered for their home. In the music room we have Mozart. In the study we have Wall Street and at its current situation with the founders of American Capitalism.
Enjoy, The Tuckers


The Phantograms Art Opening last month took a major amount of work to coordinate and put together but was completely exhilarating and worth all the efforts. Throughout the night we had over a hundred guests and are still selling work from the showing. A special thanks goes out to Brian at Rising gallery and of course to everyone for making this such a special night for me, my family and Mr. Isaac Wynn. Although many originals from the opening have sold, we have made limited edition prints available of most PHANTOGRAM pieces for those interested in purchasing. Please Email me for further inquires. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures by Alexandria Olivia.

Sandi Munoz with Scott Tucker

Isaac Wynn with Jane Goodwinn and Mr. Goodwinn

Cody Waits and Emily Penn

Mathew Lux and Kirk Livesay

"Girl With The Skull Earing" 2011 Melissa Tucker, Original $2300

Kathy Stillwell and Sally Marceleno

"Marie Antoinette" 2011 Melissa Tucker, $3500 SOLD

David Marceleno, Melissa Tucker and Scott Tucker Sr.

Melinda Marceleno scopes the scene

Doug Hall and Captain Troy Marceleno

"Beyond The Valley Of the Dolls" 2011 Scott Tucker $800

Mathew Lux and James Loubriel

Scott Tucker Sr.

Scott Tucker with Eddie Henderson

Darlington and Jordyn Newman

"Napoleon Crossing the Alps" 2011 Scott Tucker Sr. $4000 SOLD

"The Corination of Josephine" 2011 Melissa Tucker $4000

Scott Tucker with abstracts

Daniel Langerman and Scott Tucker

"Napoleon Phantogram"2011 Scott Tucker $2500

Isela Hernandez, Melissa Tucker with Vicky Villasenor

Pauline and Vern Laws

Tyler Spears, Cody Waits with Nick Metzger

"Tribute to Robert Pirsig" 2006 Scott Tucker NFS

Marshall Harkins with Melissa Tucker

Scott Tucker Sr. with Keith England

Designer Jeff Woodard with Filmographer Eddie Henderson

"The City's Secret Warmth" 2011 Scott Tucker $1500

Gabe Guevara with Eddie Henderson

Rising Gallery

Kaylee Matheson with Gabe Guevara

Keith England, Cody Waits and Emily Penn

New Mexican artist Joe with Scott Tucker and fellow artist Michael Graves

Eddie Henderson and Michelle Tucker

Captain Troy Marceleno with Daniel Langerman and Nick Metzger

" Untitled" 2011 Scott Tucker $2500

Scott Tucker and Freddy Hernandez


Caroline Hemphill with James Loubriel and Scott Tucker

Mary Poe and James Loubriel

Greg Klien, Mary Poe,and James Loubriel with Scott Tucker

Greg Klien with Scott Tucker

Alexandria Olivia with Nick Metzger

Scott Tucker, Eddie Henderson with Carol Brooks

"Mona Lisa Phantogram" 2011 Melissa Tucker $2500